Capture the Colour – The world is colourful!

Capture the colour

Inspired by blog posts on Travelita and Budget Traveller I have decided to enter the Capture the Colour Photo Contest. The task is to choose 5 travel pics that capture the colours red, green, blue, white and yellow. I have browsed through my 40,000 photos (eek!) to come up with these shots from Morocco, Brazil and Sicily:

Mirassol fish in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Red ‘bigeyes’ fish in Arraial do Cabo near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In Portuguese they are called “Dog eyes” (Olho-de-cão) – not very charming!

Green plant in Orto Botanico, Palermo, Italy

Origin of symmetry: Green plant at Orto Botanico, Palermo, Sicily.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Houses in Chefchaouen in North Morocco are painted in pretty hues of blue to protect the village from the “Evil Eye”.

Lençois Maranhenses, Brazil

Otherworldly white dunes at Lençóis Maranhenses national park, Brazil.

Dromedary in Erg Chebbi, Morocco

Yallah, yallah! Tuareg dragging a dromedary in yellow Erg Chebbi desert, Morocco.

According to the contest rules, I nominate 5 of my favourite German travel bloggers and photographers: Christina (Hallo Welt), Marianna (Weltenbummler Mag), Jana (Sonne und Wolken), Stefan (Einfach los!) and Ulli (Fernauslöserin).

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